Volunteering for GK

Thanks to all parents who expressed interest in volunteering for the
“Gurukul coordination committee”. Per our discussion during the parent
meetings after the Gurukul last Sunday, this is a FORMAL call to all
Gurukul parents who may be willing  to volunteer for coordination of
various  Gurukul  activities. Over the period of last 8 years, Gurukul
has grown quite a bit, and we need a formal committee to manage
Gurukul activities. It will be a full team, and the individual
workload is expected to be an hour per week at the most. Teachers will
automatically become a part of the committee or subcommittees.
Here is FLAVOR of the work done by the volunteers:
1) Sholkas/ prayers/ songs: teachers are most important. Making copies
of the material being taught for all the kids, maintaining folders,
making sure carpets are available for the kids to sit, and mikes are
powered with batteries etc
2) Hindi classes: teachers are the most important aspect. Others
include arranging study material, making copies of the study
material/books as needed, maintaining stationary (felt pens, pencils,
erasers, books, papers  etc), buying,  and keeping apple TVs connected
with the TVs, making sure the class rooms, tables, and chairs are
available for the classes, there are no conflicts with other
activities of the temple, filling class rental forms every 6 months,
making sure there is no damage to the furniture, and marks on the
wall, taking financial responsibility for any damage etc, making sure
class rooms are closed with lights switched off after the classes.
3) Yoga, meditation, other games and activities for the kids (ideally
speaking, it includes activities for the parents when weather is good
, such as cricket, Volley ball on the temple lawn): we especially need
more volunteers for this aspect.
4) Gurukul website:  paying the yearly fee to the host, maintaining
and updating the website with study material, pictures, news etc,
taking care of technical glitches)
5) Drafting and sending weekly or twice weekly Gurukul emails to the
parents with the updates (along with updating the mailing list every
6)Ad hoc  activities (please note that we have not been consistent
with all below mentioned activities, but would like to, with more
A) Quiz, prizes, and discussion about many important festivals year
around (Makar Sakranti, Pongal, Shivratri, Diwali, Holi, Dusshera etc).
B) Drama, songs, and cultural performances by the Gurukul  kids on
various occasions in the temple/ICC, and other venues in the valley,
such as SLC library, ISA etc)
C) LIAISING and communication (VERY IMPORTANT ongoing activity): with
the temple/ICC (please remember that board members change every 2
years) to take care of all the complaints, suggestions for Gurukul,
liaising with the teachers and parents (addressing their concerns/
issues), liaising with the press for coverage of Gurukul performances
(we did NOT do a good  job on this aspect this past year, mainly
because of lack of time).
D) Gurukul picnics (once or twice a year): arranging the venue, food,
drinks and games for the parents and kids.
There may be more activities depending upon the ideas from the new
volunteers. We need volunteers for the main Gurukul coordination
committee, as well as for the subcommittees to take care of all above
mentioned activities.
If you are interested, please send a mail to
coordinator@slcgurukul.org. We really appreciate all your time and
See you all on Saturday morning at 10 am for Holi celebration. Weather
will be very nice, and there will NOT be in any wet colors. It will a
lot of fun along with music and colors.  Temple kitchen will be open
for the food.
With best regards!
Gurukul coordinator
(On behalf of Gurukul parents and teachers)
P.S: “Salt Lake City Gurukul is a forum for children to discover,
learn and appreciate their cultural roots, Indian and Hindu values.
This is done through didactic teaching of Hindi language, games, yoga,
stories especially those from Ramayan and Gita/ Mahabharat, shlokas,
bhajans, arts and crafts. There are NO fees associated with Gurukul
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