SLCPL Library Diwali December 12, 2015

Please plan on be at Salt Lake City Main Library at 1:30 pm.

SLCPL Library Diwali December 12, 2015
2 – 4 pm
1 Gurukul
Lamp Lighting
Guest Speeches
2 Classical dances – Divya School of Dance
3 Tamil songs (live vocal and instrumental)
4 Maharashtrian folk dance
5 Hindi songs (karaoke)
6 Gujarati folk dance
7 Amaar Durga – Bengali folk dance
8 Prayer song – Pallavi School of Art
9 Punjabi folk dance
10 Filmi dance medley
We request that ALL of you please arrive no later than 130 pm on Saturday. As soon as you arrive please check in with Riti so that we know your status and can assist with any last minute stuff. We don’t want to be in a situation where we have to go and find you. The event will start at 2 pm, and parking may take time so please plan (for traffic, weather, etc) accordingly.
Note that henna and face painting for kids will start at 3 pm at the lower level area. Please manage kids as effectively as you can throughout the event (the fire alarm issue is very serious – please make sure kids/ adults are not accidentally or deliberately setting it off). A light Indian snack will be served at the lower level area.
If you have questions regarding the logistics, please email or call.
See you all soon