Rehearsal tomorrow. Please come to GK on time at 4 pm, READ THIS MESSAGE FULLY

Subject: Rehearsal tomorrow. Please come on time and READ THIS MESSAGE FULLY

1) SLC Diwali event: we will practice the shlokas and song for the Gurukul Diwali event on December 12th. This will take approximately 30 minutes. PLEASE COME ON TIME, so that we can complete this by 4.30 pm.

2) Ramleela rehearsal: all parents with almost 30 kids have practiced hard for many hours on Wednesday and Thursday at the ICC. Yudhkand (chapter 7) kids will arrive tomorrow at 2 pm to practice for that session. Right after Gurukul, we will have a full stage rehearsal with light/sound/music/ and prop arms. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS REHEARSAL WILL BE WITH FULL SENA. So, all kids participating in the Sena will be needed for this rehearsal.

3) Costumes: all kids in sena as well as in the major roles, please contact Deepa Zodge, Archana Agarwal, or Gayatri Nachaegari after the Gurukul.

Please see the enclosed attachment for the roles and the respective kids. If any more parents want their kids to join sena, please contact Neeraj Agarwal during the Gurukul.
Again, thank you for all your enthusiasm and support. It will be a long Gurukul tomorrow for the participating kids (both main roles and sena), and we hope to complete by 7 pm at the latest. If kids are hungry, we will feed them. We are getting close for the final Ramleela event on December 6th (Sunday).

Please share this face book web link about our Ramleela performace.

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator
(On behalf of Gurukul parents and teachers)

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