Ramleela recording of 24 kids today (details below). Regular Gurukul tomorrow 4 pm (10/11)

Subject: Ramleela recording today-see below for details. Regular Gurukul tomorrow 4 pm


1) Ramleela: Recording TODAY morning starting at 9 am by the 24 kids whose names are enclosed. Kids with long dialogues, please come by 10 am at the latest. Kids will short 2-3 line dialogues can come by 10.30-11 am. Ramleela main performance on December 5th in the ICC. Venue of the recording: 2888 East County Road, Holladay, UT, 84121. For problem with directions, please call 801-414-1779

2) Gurukul will start right at 4 pm tomorrow (10/11), beginning with prayers/Shlokas, followed by rehearsal of the Parliament of World Religion songs, followed by yoga, and then Hindi classes.

3) Durga Pooja celebrations in the ICC/temple next weekend. Weekend of 10/17-10/18. Every one is encouraged to participate. For details: http://ulhaas.org/events/durgapujaannouncement/

Thanks to all the volunteers again!!!

Gurukul website: Please visit our web site for more details and registrations. www.SLCGurukul.Org.

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator
(On behalf of Gurukul parents and teachers)

P.S: “Salt Lake City Gurukul is a forum for children to discover, learn and appreciate their cultural roots, Indian and Hindu values. This is done through didactic teaching of Hindi language, games, yoga, stories especially those from Ramayan and Gita/ Mahabharat, shlokas, bhajans, arts and crafts. There are NO fees associated with Gurukul attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from Gurukul emails, please send an email to one of the Gurukul coordinators at: gopikakamtekar@gmail.com, or OncologyUS@gmail.com or milzod@gmail.com.
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