Ramleela artistes recording on Saturday (10/10) morning-please read the entire message carefully

Recording date and time: 10/10, Saturday. Time- please see below.
Venue: 2888 East County Road, Holladay, UT, 84121 (home of Archana and Neeraj Agarwal)


We are enclosing the list of 24 Gurukul kids and their respective roles, as decided previously. Also enclosed is the script of the Ramleela and their respective dialogues.

Please make sure your kids are rehearsing the dialogues of their roles. Ideally they should be reading the entire script first.

All these 24 kids named in the attached file need to be present for recording. It will be a studio level recording by Dr. Abhijit Ray and team. He has kindly agreed to dedicate this coming Saturday to this recording.

We expect the kids to be arriving between 9-11 am on Saturday.
-Kids with long dialogues and major roles, please arrive on time, latest by 9.30 am. – Kids with smaller roles (such as 2-3 dialogues only) can arrive by 11 am.

Parents do not need to stay but are welcome to stay and help in managing the kids. We will feed them through out the time they are going to stay, so please do not worry about it.

There will be a regular Gurukul session this comig Sunday starting at 4 pm at the Sri Ganesh temple.


Gurukul Coordinator
SLC Ram Leela_10_06_2015.xls
SLC Gurukul Ramayan Script.pdf