Earlier (3 pm) and a shorter Gurukul tomorrow, also please READ an anonymous message from a GK volunteer


We will have an earlier Gurukul tomorrow starting at 3.01 pm at the Sri Ganesh temple on 02/01/2015. However, Gurukul session will finish by 4.01 pm per many parents’ request because of Super Bowl.


Gurukul coordinator

MESSAGE from a Gurukul volunteer (we share this view also, PLEASE spend 2 minutes in reading this):

Dear Parents,
I don’t have a big title or authority to write this to you but have little more life experience than many of you. First of all thanks to all the people involved in Gurukul activities including volunteers, teacher, parents, students and generous donors for providing a platform to enhance Indian culture, religion, language knowledge for our children. It requires sufficient effort on part of every one to keep the Gurukul activities alive and useful. In order to derive maximum benefit from this resource, regular attendance is very important. While I understand, we all have many other “things to do”, this activity is only ONCE A WEEK FOR ONE AND HALF HOUR!! Moreover, there are so many breaks in between – Diwali, Thanksgiving,Christmas, New Year, Summer, etc. It is great to know that majority of the students are happy and eager to come to Gurukul but parents have “things to do” and are unable to keep up with the commitment. I want you to know that none of us will reach a stage in life when we all will be ALL FREE! You will always have chores and errands to do, but what will not always be there is your children’s young age. They grow fast. This is the age and time to provide them all the resources to enhance their cultural and religious knowledge. Each activity (Religion, Yoga, Hindi, Games) offered at Gurukul has its own value and complement each other. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the next generation to stay connected with their roots, culture, religion, and Indian community. Ten years from now, you will be glad you did this. I kept my two daughters engaged in all types of Indian activities from age 6 to 13 continuously and feel that I should have done more. So, barring health emergency and being out of town, I cannot think of a valid reason to skip Gurukul. See you all regularly. Thanks. A Gurukul volunteer