Gurukul tomorrow (10/19/14, Sunday) at the ICC at 4.01 pm-quiz study material enclosed!


Gurukul tomorrow (10/19/14, Sunday) at the ICC/ Sri Ganesh Temple starting at 4.01 pm.

Important message about advanced level Hind classes: All advanced class parents, please talk to Neeraj Verma jee tomorrow. Many kids are not performing at the advanced level. Neeraj Verma jee took the test of alphabets last week, and is thinking about reassigning them to the lower level UNLESS they improve. Please help him make the Hindi class most productive for your kids and talk to him tomorrow.

Quiz competition on Sri Ram and Ramayan on November 6th (age groups <8 yr old, and > 8 yr old): We are enclosing a defined study material. All questions will be from this material. The only exception will be if there has to be a tie breaker in the finals. In that case, a questions will be asked from anywhere in the Ramayan. Quiz competition is being steered by Keshav Sarin jee and coordinated by the following kids: Sai Kamtekar, Manas Sharma, Aryan Zodge, and Ria Agarwal (only these 4 kids will not participate in the competition as they will be coordinating and scoring the answer sheets). In future winner of previous competition will coordinate the next Quiz competition.

1) Shlokas, Bhajans, Prayers and practice for the 11/16/14 SLC main library Diwali event (4 pm to 4.30 pm)
2) Yoga and meditation (4.30 pm to 4.45 pm)
3) Hindi classes, all levels (4.45 pm to 5.30 pm)

Gurukul website: Please visit our web site for more details and registrations. www.SLCGurukul.Org. Two parents have not registered yet. Please register to help us with the head counts for the kids and other information.

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator
(On behalf of Gurukul parents and teachers)

P.S: “Salt Lake City Gurukul is a forum for children to discover, learn and appreciate their cultural roots, Indian and Hindu values. This is done through didactic teaching of Hindi language, games, yoga, stories especially those from Ramayan and Gita/ Mahabharat, shlokas, bhajans, arts and crafts. There are NO fees associated with Gurukul attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from Gurukul emails, please send an email to one of the Gurukul coordinators at: gopikakamtekar, or OncologyUS or milzod.

Story of Ramayan for kids.pdf