Last Gurukul session (2013-2014): 06/08/2014 (Sunday) at 4.05 pm + shlokas session at 10 am tomorrow (Saturday) for temple annual day event.


The last Gurukul session of 2013-2014 year will be held on June 8th, 2014.

Session schedule:

1) Shlokas and prayers starting at 4.05 pm

2) Distribution of certificates and appreciation of volunteers and teachers.

3) Parent meeting for planning for next year’s Gurukul (thanks to all you have proposed to volunteer).

4) Snacks and drinks for kids and parents. Kids and parents are welcome to arrange games and activities outside on the temple grounds.

5) Conclusion of the 2013-2014 Gurukul sessions.

See you on Sunday, June 8th, 4.05 pm at the Sri Ganesha temple.

Please note that traditionally Gurukul kids have been starting the temple’s annual day’s Ratha Yatra event with shlokas and payers (10 minutes max). This year also Gurukul kids have been invited. So, all kids are invited to come tomorrow by 9.45 am. Suggested dressing is traditional Indian for the kids (not mandatory).

Gurukul website: Please visit our web site for new information and details on all sessions: www.SLCGurukul.Org. New parents-please register your kids through this website.

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator
(On behalf of Gurukul parents and teachers)

P.S: "Salt Lake City Gurukul is a forum for children to discover, learn and appreciate their cultural roots, Indian and Hindu values. This is done through didactic teaching of Hindi language, games, yoga, stories especially those from Ramayan and Mahabharat, shlokas, bhajans, arts and crafts. There are NO fees associated with Gurukul attendance.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from Gurukul emails, please send an email to one of the Gurukul coordinators at: gopikakamtekar, or OncologyUS or