Regular Gurukul session tomorrow, 02/09/2014 (Sunday) starting at 4.05 pm + community announcement on Saraswati Pooja tomorrow!


We will have a regular Gurukul session tomorrow.

1) Prayer session with shlokas, prarthana, and Ramayan ( 4.05-4-25pm).

2) Yoga and games session (4.25 pm to 4.55 pm).

3) Hindi class sessions (4.55 pm to 5.30 pm). Will also discuss Republic day in the end.


Announcement: Saraswati Pooja will be organized tomorrow by the Bengali association from 10 am to 2 pm, at University Village West Community Center (1945 Sunny side avenue, Salt Lake City). Pooja starts at 10 am and cultural program starts at 12.30 pm. There is a fee of $10 which includes admission and food.

– Gurukul website: Please check our new web site: www.SLCGurukul.Org. Please send any suggestions on the web site to hemantgore@gmail.comor

-Ramayan and Ramleela: we have been discussing Ramayan from the beginning of 2014, mainly in the form of short stories and quizzes. In April 2014, we will start writing the dialogues in Hindi. Kids will write and practice dialogs in the Hindi classes. We plan to have Ramleela in Hindi this year. Kids will deliver dialogues this time without recording (with background narration in English). Ramleela will be performed in October of 2014. By that time, kids will understand the entire Ramayan and its teachings by heart.

Hindi classes:

1) For kids who are not continuing in the class: We would appreciate your returning the Hindi binder so that it can be used for several new kids who have joined Gurukul recently. Seema Jee worked hard on to make those binders and would appreciate if they can be put to use for those who need them.


2) If a child is absent for THREE consecutive weeks, they cannot continue in the Hindi classes. It is disruptive and disrespectful to the teachers who are working hard as volunteers.


If you have any questions or if you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from Gurukul emails, please send an email to one of the Gurukul coordinators at:, or or

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator

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