Welcome to SLC Gurukul!!!


We will have a regular Gurukul session tomorrow, starting at the temple at 4.05 pm. Following is the curriculum and name of the volunteers. If we missed anyone, please let us know. New volunteers are always welcome:

1) Shlokas and prayers session (4.05-4-20pm): Will be conducted by the older Gurukul kids by rotation. During this session, kids will talk about the relevance of Navratri and Durga Pooja. Please discuss this with your kids for at least 5 minutes so that they can participate in this discussion tomorrow. Parent facilitators: Ajay Srivastava, Amit Goel.

2) Hindi class session for the beginners in the ICC classroom (4.25 pm to 5.05 pm): Beginner’s classes will be taught by Seema Murthy. Other back up teachers are Geeta Dhawan, Neeraj Verma, Archana Agarwal, Deepa Zodge (volunteers welcome to assist).

3) Hindi class session for the advanced level in the ICC classroom (4.25 pm to 5.05 pm): Will be taught by Geeta Dhawan. Other teachers are Neeraj Verma, Archana Agarwal, Deepa Zodge (volunteers welcome to assist).

4)Yoga and games session (5.05 pm to 5.35 pm): Amit Chavan, Milind Zodge, and Umesh Dhawan.

5)Art, crafts, and games for younger kids 2-5 years (4.25 pm to 5.30pm): Teachers are Jaswandi Sakpal, Shilpi Verma, Manu Goel. (parents are requested to supervise their kids, when being taught by the teachers)


–Seema Murthy has prepared Hindi binders for 25 children who are in Hindi beginner class. It will be distributed this Sunday. The binder includes selected material extracted from different books. Students will get inserts for the binder periodically. Please help your child write his/her name both in English and Hindi on the binder. They should bring the binder to the class every Sunday. 

–Per elaborate discussion and feedback from kids and parents, we will conduct Isha Upnishad session and advanced level Hindi classes every other week (and NOT every week). So, on a given Sunday, we will have only one of these sessions. This is to make sure we finish Gurukul activities with in 90 minutes. We will again have Hindi classes tomorrow for the advanced level kids. Isha Upnishad session will be held next Sunday.

–Hemant Gore has volunteered to develop an independent website for Gurukul. Please give any inputs, you may have, to him during the Gurukul.

–SLC Knight’s Chess club will hold the chess session right after the Gurukul at the ICC as usual. Kids do not need to bring individual chess boards .They will be provided by the chess club coordinators.

If you have any questions or if you want to UNSUBSCRIBE TO Gurukul emails, please send an email to one of the Gurukul coordinators at: gopikakamtekar@gmail.com, or OncologyUS@gmail.com ormilzod@gmail.com.

With best regards!

Gurukul coordinator.